Tropical Dreams is considered a “super-premium” ice cream. It is handmade with cream containing 18% butterfat and a low overrun. This means that less air is mixed in during the freezing process. The result is a true gourmet ice cream that is dense and very rich tasting. 

Big Island and Hilo Homemade ice creams are classified as premium ice creams. They are made with 16% butterfat and a slightly higher overrun. Our true Italian style gelatos and sorbetos contain less than 10% butterfat while maintaining rich and intense flavors.

We have been cited in a number of publications for the high quality of our products. Hawaii: The Big Island Revealed, a popular guidebook series, states “also consider stopping by Tropical Dreams. They have outstanding ice cream. We unselfishly review it every time we are here.”

Tropical Dreams is also featured in Emily Luchetti’s cookbook A Passion for Ice Cream. Emily is an executive pastry chef in San Francisco and was a recipient of the James Beard Foundation award for Best Pastry Chef in 2004. She has written numerous other cookbooks. We are very proud to be included in her publication.